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Business Network Installations

Network Services


MCS provides professional, network solutions from the design and logical topology through to the structured cabled installation and finishing with the Server and client setup.

All Setup of Networks will be carried out by Cisco© and Microsoft© trained business support technicians.


Network Topology Design


Physical & Logical Network Topology:


MCS make the design stage of your network simple. We have designed 100s' of networks from large offices right down to small 1 room offices, wired and wireless.



Wireless Networks


Cabled Network Installation:

After your network topology has been designed and agreed one of our premium cabling partners will arrive onsite. They will then install and test the cabling and points using specialist network testing equipment.

Our network cabling allows speeds of up to 100Mbps using Cat5e, 1,000Mbps using Cat6, and now 10,000Mbps using Cat7. We can also provide fibre-optic cabling for companies with a need for ultra high-speed networks.

Our partners are experts when it comes to network cabling, troubleshooting and fault diagnosis, installing network connections, providing network and telecommunication cabling solutions.


Server & Client Setup


Server and Client Setup:

MCS has the experience and knowledge to make your network work for you!

We take the time to make sure everything in your network from your Server to your Client machines are setup correctly and professionally.

For more information on how Windows Server can benefit your business please visit our 'Servers' page.

Using either Small Business Server 2003 or Windows Server 2003 MCS can enpower you business with all of the benefits of having your own server.