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Network Installations

Setting up Wired & Wireless Networks


Network Services:

Networks are the best way of saving money by sharing resources with computers. Whether it's for sharing the Internet, files, printers or just playing games between two or more pcs we can make a network that's right for you.

All Setup of Networks will be carried out by Cisco© and Microsoft© trained support technician.


Wired Networks


Wired Network Installation and Setup

Cabled networks are the quickest and most reliable type of networks. At MCS, we offer full installation and setup of cabled networks, including cable routing, junction points and terminal ends.

Our network cabling allows speeds of up to 100Mbps using Cat5e, 1,000Mbps using Cat6, and now 10,000Mbps using Cat7.


Wireless Networks


Wireless Network Installation and Setup

Wireless network are by far the easiest way of connecting computers and network peripherals in your home.

Share your internet with all your wireless devices such as computers, laptops and smartphones. We can also share your printers and files, enabling everyone in you home to use the same printer/printers and files.


Ethernet Over Power


Ethernet Over Power (EOP) Installation and Setup

If a wireless network does not work in your house then Ethernet Over Power (EOP) might be the solution for you!

EOP's work by making the power lines in your house a network. Basically they run the network over a frequency which all the other EOP devices listen to and communicate over. These work really well in old buildings with big thick walls where wireless simply does not work.

For more information and advice on what type of network is best for you please call us on 01935 434466.