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Annual Servicing

Need a tune up?


Has your PC slowed down? Over a period of time computers slow down and there are many reasons why!

At MCS we have developed a tried and tested routine to increase the performance of your computer. Services should ideally be performed at least once a year and usually only take around an hour to complete. If services are kept up to date you will be less likely to have the need to purchase a new computer.

What a PC Annual Service includes:

- A real one-to-one assessment of your computing needs at your home or office
- Free installation of any upgrades purchased from MCS (some exclusions apply)
- Optimization of your PC to make it faster
- Checking of internal components
- Checking that your hardware is correctly installed on your PC
- Advice on file management to release any tied-up memory
- Virus check and removal
- Removal of Spy-ware software
- Full valet of your machine inside and out

What is Not included:
Repairs - if the PC refuses to boot up or exhibits fatal errors, the job at hand will be a 'PC Repair'.