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Award-winning, internet services that come highly recommended by MCS. Speed, support and price are essential when choosing your business broadband provider and we have done all the hard work for you!

At MCS, we have had the experience of dealing with the vast majority of UK broadband providers; finding out both their strengths and weaknesses.

The best two business broadband providers we have come across are Eclipse and

Both providers offer great business packages. As for what sets them apart from other providers... Simple! They don't charge you too much just because your a business and if things go wrong... both Eclipse and have the best UK support we have come across.



Award-winning UK-based support 24/7 and up to 20Mbps.

You'll need a Plusnet or other BT based landline to get our broadband.

Broadband speed is described as up to 20Mb because your actual download speeds will vary. We'll give you the best download speed available on your line up to 20Mb, dependant on your location, phone line, home wiring and time of day. We'll provide you with a speed estimate when you check availability of our products.

- Award-winning UK-based support available 24/7.
- Fast broadband speeds - up to 20Mbps.
- Broadband, Line Rental + 24/7 Calls.
- Free wireless 4-Port router available.
- Ideal for every home user!






UK-based business technical support and up to 24Mbps.

At Eclipse we know how vital your Internet connection can be - whether you're emailing clients, uploading large files or even video conferencing.

In the (albeit unlikely) event that something goes wrong, or if you just need some advice on setup - we'll put you through to a technical expert within just 90 seconds.

All of our technical support team go through a rigorous training program before they're let loose on the phones to make sure that any query you have can be answered quickly and efficiently.

These guys aren't your average techies - some have even been known to re-configure routers and strip down PCs in their spare time!

- Super fast broadband speeds - up to 24Mbps.
- UK-based technical support.
- No traffic shaping or port blocking.
- UK's only customisable broadband services.
- Ideal for every home user!