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Is Application Store Optimization Really A New SEO?

It is true that the mobile optimization is becoming significant for those business organizations that are looking to expand their business, but at the same time most of the companies are realizing that applications are also becoming important. Earlier the applications were seen only as a way to play games and check the e-mails, but now the application can be created for everything.

Now, it is clear, the applications are important but the question here is: Will it require any SEO efforts?

Importance of application optimization and How to get started?

There are numerous benefits which one can attain by creating an application. The basic reason or motive of creating applications is that the use of mobile phones has increased to large extent. There are around 25 billion applications that are downloaded till now since the invention of Apple Application Store. Therefore, applications are the-

  • excellent way to compete
  • easy to create
  • completely customizable

Application store optimization is only an SEO for mobiles. It is about the two things:

  • How to get your application on the top of search results of application store?
  • How to handle and follow the changes in search algorithms of application store?

Just after creating the application, the optimization starts. It is not an easy task to reach on the top of the application search because there are 4, 50,000 applications for android and 6, 00,000 applications for Iphones till now. Hence, it requires the great amount of optimization so as to achieve success.

Tips to Optimize Your Application:

Optimizing applications is same as optimizing the website. In this also, you have to consider the Meta data, descriptions, head titles, keywords etc.

Keywords: You can use any of the tools mentioned below to know the keywords that will be effective for your application. You must consider those keywords that the users type to search the particular application on their mobile.

Audience: You should make sure that the audience you are tracking your mobile audience and desktop audience separately. This can be done by Google Analytics tool. You just have to select the "mobile" option in the tool, which would show you the results only for mobile visitors.

Marketing: business organizations that are creating mobile applications are advised to promote it on their website, where the users or visitors can easily find it and purchase it.

Tools to optimize your application:

  • Keyword volume estimator: This tool allows you to know the frequency of keyword which is searched in the application store. This tool will help you to select the appropriate keyword for your application.
  • Flurry: This is the tool which will help you to track the usage patterns of those who have already downloaded the application.

Conclusion: Creating an application for your business is the new trend in Internet Marketing. It is true that application store optimization is a new SEO and needs the great efforts due to the high competition. The above mentioned tips and tools would help you to optimize your application effectively.